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There are multiple ways you can customize the look of your blog.

  1. Layout: We have a few layouts for professional and personal blogs.
  2. Color: You can change the background color of your blog.
  3. Font family: You can pick the font family for title and body of your blog text.


We currently support three layouts that you can pick using the layout key.

  1. Default Layout: To use this layout, leave the layout key empty. See a demo here.

  2. Brooklyn: This is a simple layout for personal blogs To use this layout use:

type: Brooklyn
bannerDescription: >-
This is a sample text for banner.
  1. Manhattan: This is a fancier layout. See a demo here. To use this layout use
type: Manhattan

Font Family

We support the following font families for your blog.

type FontFamily =
| "LORA"

To set the font family, you can use the titleFont and bodyFont keys in truegit.yaml. For example:

titleFont: "DEFAULT_SANS"

Background Color

Use the backgroundColor key in the configuration file to set the background color. It must be a HEX value. The font color is either gray or white based on the contrast.

backgroundColor: "#CCC"